When good word algorithms go bad

BoingBoing reader Kevin Kelleher says,
Why Is eBay Selling the Apocalypse? I was using Google to spell-check "disastrous" (I know) and came across some interesting results on the sponsored links. eBay and Amazon wanted to sell me a disastrous, whatever that might be. Intrigued, I typed in "apocalypse" and found the following:

Low Prices on Apocalypse
EBay is Fun, Quick & Easy! -aff

Dear overworked folk in eBay marketing: Take another look at those sponsored-word algorithms. I was tempted to click on one of these links, but I remembered a time when I was using eBay to find a CD of Christmas music and I accidentally clicked on the "Buy It Now" button for a Hanson Brothers Christmas album, and what would happen if I accidentally "Bought It Now" with the apocalypse? (Come to think of it, it couldn't be much worse than the Hanson Christmas CD). I got similar results with all kinds of grim language:

Find Devastation
We have what you're looking for.
Devastation & much more!

Searching for Misfortune?
Find it on eBay! Free registration.
Misfortune & much more (aff)

Pestilence at Amazon.com

Sexy Cataclysm Singles

and on and on. My personal favorite:

Find Apocalypse at Snap
Don't search for Apocalypse,
find it at Snap!

Funny, I thought snap.com had found its own apocalypse about 4 years ago.