Merry Capitalism! God bless us, every cent!

"E-Z bake bankruptcy," or "How Chase Bank One stole Christmas." Snip from WaPo story:
Somewhere in China, frantic factory workers cannot make enough toy automatic teller machines for clamoring American children.

"I wish every kid in America could have an ATM," says Michael Searl, the onetime stockbroker who created the Youniverse ATM Machine, a highly evolved piggy bank that receives and dispenses real cold cash, not that fake play stuff. "Why wouldn't I want every kid to have one?"

Tweens and beyond can insert the supplied ATM card into the silver machine, punch in their PIN, be greeted by name on the electronic display, peer into the pretend security camera and wait for that seminal capitalistic moment -- when crisp bills miraculously appear, ripe for the plucking. Unlike in a real ATM, a cash drawer opens in the toy ATM, allowing an avaricious child to grab every last cent and run. What do you want for $24.95?

Link (Thanks, John Parres!)