Non-Asians eat crazy gross snack foods, too

Following up on today's earlier post about Wacky Asian Soft Drinks, and an earlier BB item about Korean BBQ chrysalis, we now direct your attention to "Steve Don't Eat it," a blog that chronicles grossout food experiments conducted by a dude named Steve.

I'm pretty sure that Urkel-O's and pickled pork rinds trump those cans of basil seed drink by a food fear factor of fifty. Japan and Korea do not have a monopoly on icky snacks and soft drinks. Link (Thanks, Dogzilla)

Also, an update on that chrysalis snack story (gag). Reader Kyungjoon Lee says, "You said they were caterpillars, but I think that's a little misleading. They're silkworms. The only chrysalis we eat in Korea are from silkworms. The chrysalis is what the silkworm becomes when it finishes spinning its cocoon. We boil the cocoon, unravel the silk, and eat what's inside. It's not *that* popular, but you can see chrysalis vendors at national parks or hiking trails."