Wardriving Maui

You can take the geek out of the hotspot, but you can't take the hotspot out of the geek. Author, wireless tech guru, and all-around super nice guy Mike Outmesguine recently took a vacation in Hawaii, and spent much of it wardriving for wireless networks. If that ain't nerd cred, I don't know what is. Snip from the blog account of his journey, and his technical findings:
The night was humid.  With the air conditioner on high, I drove North towards Kahului.  The laptop sitting on the center console continuously pinging at the networks being discovered.  “Man, there’s a lot of wireless around here,” I said.

Which shouldn’t have surprised me.  The island of Maui in the state of Hawaii is a popular tourist destination with hundreds of hotels and time-share condominiums supporting over 2 million tourists a year.  Haleakala, the dormant volcano reaching to 10,023 feet, is home to ”Science City”, a research facility and observatory.  Maui fosters a strong technology community boasting state tax incentives, a modern research & technology park for industry.  And Hawaii is the hub of the Southern Cross Network, a submarine fiber optic network capable of providing 1.2 terabits of bandwidth from Hawaii to mainland US, and 480 gigabits of capacity to Fiji, Australia and New Zealand.