Crafty crackhead Powerbook made from garbage bags

There's a big-city hustle that goes like this: a hustler comes up to offering to fence you some stolen big-ticket electronics item, still sealed in its box -- say, a video camera. You can heft that box all you like, but no opening the shrink-wrap, as that would lower the resale value. Once you give the crackhead $20 for this boss $1000 camera and tear off the shrinkwrap, you discover that you've just bought a brick in a camcorder box. Basically, it's what happens when you combine crackheads, a supply of fresh consumer electronics boxes, and a shrinkwrapping machine.

Here's a modern twist on an old favorite: buy a Powerbook for a double-sawbuck. What's in the black, sleek Powerbook box?

"A fake laptop made of gray garbage bag and cardboard, spray-painted platinum silver and finished with A HAND-PAINTED APPLE LOGO DONE IN WITE-OUT."

Oh, man, that's some Martha Stewartoid crackhead creativity. Link (via Making Light)