Japanese fan-made game: Ie, Tatemasu!

On the terrific, offbeat videogame website "Insert Credit," we find this cultural exegesis of a Japanese gay porn video game. Screenshots included, and they're relatively worksafe because the... um... protuberances... are blocked with pics of cute anime girls. Cute anime girls with third eyes, that is. Snip:
The game I am about to pick as my "Game of the Year 2004" is called Ie, Tatemasu! ("let’s build your house!", as they say on the guide book); it’s a fan-made erotic game. And the most basic type, too: a simulation game. For those of you not familiar with the genre, you basically see the character you’re supposed to be talking to, read the dialogue, and sometimes make a choice (between, for example: "go to the pachinko" or "pay a visit to this character"). Sometimes, when, hum, something visual happens that words would be unfit to describe properly, you are shown a still illustration of the scene while the text still runs down the CG. Basically, these games are very, very slow slideshows of pornographic drawings with a lot of text, and very few interactive elements.
Link (Thanks, Chris Baker!).