Everybody needs an animatronic chimp head

PC Mag has an article about Wow Wee Toys new animatronic robot toys and tools. My favorite is the $129 chimp head. There's a video on the site.
 Util Get Image 9 0,1311,I=95507,00On the more mind-blowing and unusual side, is the new Wow Wee Robotics Alive Series. These are life-like, animated, remote-controlled robot heads that include stereoscopic hearing so they can track your position and even your distance away. Wow Wee's first demonstration of this technology is a frighteningly real looking monkey head with a fully articulated face. The real stunner, though, is the expected price: $129. George York, Wow Wee's chief designer on the project said he's been working with the company's divisions in Hong Kong and China to have the robots ready for a 2006 release.

(Thanks, Casey!)