Interview with publisher

 Images Mondobizarre FreakoutLa Spirale interviews Thomas Brinkman, publisher of Bad Mags, a site about sleazy exploitation magazines from the 1950s-70s.
La Spirale: You emphasize that some of those magazines from the past are strangely not outdated. Can you give us some examples and explain why these magazines are not outdated?

Thomas Brinkman: The Rebel Breed #1 published by Press Arts is the best example of what I was talking about, as it had, in 1968, articles on body decoration and tattooing, Ed “Big Daddy” Roth, and a couple of articles on outlaw bike clubs. I suppose you could make the argument that these mags are all outdated, but what I meant by that was that a lot of the topics covered in them back then are still with us today, i.e., tattooing, biker lifestyle mags, Ed Roth has, since the eighties, become a modern icon and not just a footnote on the sixties. Many of the bizarre fetish mags that were really strange and underground for 1963 now have their modern counterparts sold on newsstands openly.