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Hackery hoodie with "1337" embroidery

This embroidered 1337 (hacker-speak for "leet" or "elite") hoodie is just right -- an inside joke that looks like something from the school football team unless you're in the know, then it's all chess-club, baby. Link (via Preshrunk)

Alien sculpture

A massive and intimidating Giger-esque Alien sculpture is up for auction on eBay. Starting bid is $3999:
 Ebay Images Md-Lf-Ali00This amazing ALIEN-like sculpture is made out of scrap metal and old auto parts such as nuts & bolts, connecting rods, motorcycle chains, gears, spark plugs, bearings, springs and whatever can be found in junkyards. Artists spent approximately 2 months to create this incredible piece of art by collecting different parts from the junkyards and welding them together piece by piece. It was polished and coated with lacquer to prevent it from rusting. This sculptre is about 7 feet in height, comes in 7 different pieces legs, body, left arm, right arm, head and tail with incredible details. Very easy to assemble just need some muscles. We never put him on a scale but the estimate weight is about 300-400 lbs. This will be a great conversation piece in any living rooms.
The same artists are also auctioning junkyard models of the USS Enterprise, Predator, Boba Fett, and Robbie the Robot. Link (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)

Floppy disk among clues leading to BTK capture

Dennis Rader, the former ADT security systems worker alleged to be the BTK killer, was identified in part by "hidden" traces of data on a floppy disk.
Two weeks ago, BTK dropped off a package at Kansas television station KAKE, which included a floppy disk linked to a computer at Rader's church. "They asked me if I had a list of people who had access to our computer and I provided a list of people for them," said the Rev. Michael Clark of Christ Lutheran Church. "Yes, [Rader] was [on that list]."
According to reports, the disk had been used before. Investigators "electronically peeled it back" to reveal older data that had not been erased when the disk was written over with newer information -- a common digital forensics technique. A computer from a local library has reportedly also been seized. Link

Naked Sushi: just one more bite.

Link to full-size. Oh, (world-weary sigh), Boing Boing readers email us their unsolicited party photos constantly. I mean, grainy Nyataimori phonecam snaps are a dime a gig these days. But occasionally, some really good ones evade our jaded killfiles and overcooked-meme detectors. Link to gallery for someone's yakuza-themed soiree, which includes these lovely naked sushi shots (they're pretty PG-13, no full nudity): (1), (2), (3), (4), (5), (6), (7), (8) (9), (10), (11), (12). (Thanks, Poul, who shot 'em all).
Previously: Web Zen -- Sushi Zen. See also this fine series of snapshots on Siege's blog (site NSFW): Link 1, Link 2.

Update: Matt says, "I hope this doesn't come off as know-it-allish, but just FYI, the Japanese word for sushi served on a naked lady is not nyataimori but nyotaimori (女体盛り):

nyo (女) - woman
tai (体) - body
mori (盛り) - helping, plateful, serving, arrangement, etc.
I guess it's possible that nyataimori is some regionally-accented version, but I've never heard of it and Google doesn't turn much up. Incidentally the male version is 男体盛り, usually pronounced nantaimori."

Mister T on a Microchip

Beats Jesus on a tortilla or Virgin Mary toast. This Mr. T image was found on a Dallas Semiconductor single-chip T1 transceiver integrated circuit. Similar finds are on display at Molecular Expressions.
Link (thanks, Matt). In related news, a new Mister T. comic is coming soon: Link

Awesome hip-hop flyers from the '70s, '80s

Link to full-size image. In. Fucking. Credible. gallery of early hip-hop flyers. Page takes forever to load, all of the images (dozens of 'em) are slapped on one endless static page. But what an amazing collection! Maybe someone with time, basic html skillz, and love for old-school will feel inspired to contact these guys and volunteer some web makeover services.
Link to image gallery (Thanks, Sean and Happy Birthday!).

Poison garden opens in UK

Barney Stephens says,
The Duchess of Northumberland's controversial poison garden has been officially opened. Cannabis, opium poppies, magic mushrooms and coca - the source of cocaine - all feature at the centuries-old Alnwick Garden.

Stealth butt plugs and predigital dildonics of yesteryear

The Museum of Quackery is an interesting place. In their online collection, you'll find "The Recto Rotor," once touted as "The Latest and Most Efficient Invention for the Quick Relief of Piles, Constipation, and Prostate Trouble," and a "prostate gland warmer" which promised to "stimulate the abdominal brain." The latter consisted of a 4.25", um, probe, and a blue lightbulb on a 9' cord which lit up when, um, plugged in.
Link (Thanks, Bruce Sterling).

Proposed law: criminal background warnings for dating, networking sites

Declan McCullagh writes:
Herb Vest believes that true love should come with a criminal-background check. Vest is the chief executive of, an online dating service that pledges to verify whether your dream date is a convicted felon or, worse yet, already married.

"Although criminal-background screening is not entirely foolproof, we owe it to our members to provide a truly wholesome environment for online courtship," Vest said last year.

This would be an engaging but otherwise unremarkable business plan, except for one twist. Instead of competing head-to-head with his rivals in the business world, Vest has veered into the political world by pressing for new laws that would put's competitors at a severe disadvantage.

Vest has managed to convince legislators in states including California, Texas, Virginia, and Michigan to sponsor bills that would target rival dating sites like, Yahoo Personals, Spring Street Networks, craigslist and would regulate far more than just dating sites. The California bill introduced last week covers any Web site offering "compatibility" or "social referral services"--a sweeping definition that encompasses everything from high-school reunion site to a matchmaking site for a tennis doubles tournament.

Under the California proposal, social referral services and Google's would be on the hook for fines of millions of dollars a day if they declined to post a warning similar to the one above on California members' ads or profiles.


Web Zen: Sushi Zen

* eating guide
* maker
* fugu
* kosher
* hello kitty
* chocolate
* twinkie
* candy
* more chocolate
* gifts
* wind up
* pillows
* clock
* usb
* which kind are you?
* table manners
* iron stomach
Image: sushi served on the body of a clothes-free hottie. web zen home, web zen store, (Thanks, Frank). Previously: Naked Lady Sushi parody website from Japan, Naked Sushi Lady history. See also this FAQ/FQA on "Nyataimori": Link

RES digital film screening in LA tonight

In LA tonight: This month's RES digital shorts screening features works RESFEST 2004 Audience Award winning works from Peter Cornwell (Ward 13) Jared Hess (Napoleon Dynamite), Olivier Gondry, and Michel Gondry (Walkie Talkie Man), whose Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind took home an Oscar last night. Videos to be screened include Shynola's latest for Beck, Death Cab for Cutie, Lemon Jelly, The Postal Service and more. More reasons to go: first 100 people in the door get free Converse sneakers, great deejays, and a number of the featured filmmakers will be present for the ceremonial rubbing-of-elbows and dropping-of-names. 8PM @ The Egyptian.

National Geo goes Bollywood; Bollycat deja vu decrypter

Apul of indophile blog Sepia Mutiny sez:
The February issue of National Geographic Magazine has a comprehensive feature about Bollywood by "Maximum City" author Suketa Mehta. While he offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the hit film Veer-Zaara, the true gem of this package is a narrated photo essay by William Albert Allard. The magazine also delves into the Indian film industry's less-than-stellar counterpart in Pakistan, dubbed Lollywood.
Link to multimedia feature (Flash).

While you're at it, check out Bollycat. Apul explains: "Watching Bollywood films can often strike you with a maddening case of deja vu. You think you've seen the movie before, but you just can't identify the what, when and where of your suspicion. Enter Bollycat, a new web site created by a team of students at SUNY Rockland, which aims to link Bollywood films to their Hollywood 'inspirations.'" offers free Battlestar Galactica download

BB reader Alfie sez, "SciFi Channel are offering the first episode in the remake of Battlestar Galactica free from their site, ad-less, uncut, and with deleted scenes. Not bad!" Link to show home page, and direct link to streaming video for episode "33" in entirety. See also: Battlestar Galactica Season 2 This Summer /. Link

Japanese robo-mannequin

Image: A robotic mannequin named "Palette" strutting her stuff in Tokyo earlier today. Designed by SGI Japan and Flower Robotics for the fashion industry, she packs a motion detector sensor and the ability to memorize and pose dozens of motion-captured movements. She was born for the runway, and runs on blow and celery sticks goes on sale later this year.
Link to news story, link to image. This is the same team behind "Posy," the "flower girl robot" released in 2002: Link to Japanese press release.

Star Wars-themed handmade handbags

Purseuing, a blog dedicated to awesome handbags, points to several eBay listings for odd, Star-Wars-themed ladies' accessories. The Chewbacca neck purse and the Yoda Head coin purse auctions are closed, but bidding appears to be live for this handbag made from an old Entertainment Weekly magazine.
(thanks, Julie Hall)