Awesome hip-hop flyers from the '70s, '80s


3 Responses to “Awesome hip-hop flyers from the '70s, '80s”

  1. Anonymous says:

    old school flyers always sales it was better then radio promo we did our air time on the streets of new york……….yo have to thank MR. Ricky Dee

  2. D.J Flash QBC says:

    I was born and raised in the Queensbridge Project in NYC representing the 40 side of 12th St My DJ name was D.J White Flash and my homie DJ LES who is spinnin for NAS now You have no idea how many memories this brings back. And how many of those shows I went to back in the day this is a great site i look at these flyers and can still picture in my mind the way these crews performed like it was yesterday i show thees to my kids and say this is how it was back in the day Great job on preserving a piece of HIP HOP HISTORY!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      love old school in 30s when kid play old school music and mum two play old hip hop music
      miss the old hip hop days it was fun and out going
      love honey makeup Artist

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