National Geo goes Bollywood; Bollycat deja vu decrypter

Apul of indophile blog Sepia Mutiny sez:
The February issue of National Geographic Magazine has a comprehensive feature about Bollywood by "Maximum City" author Suketa Mehta. While he offers readers a behind-the-scenes look at the production of the hit film Veer-Zaara, the true gem of this package is a narrated photo essay by William Albert Allard. The magazine also delves into the Indian film industry's less-than-stellar counterpart in Pakistan, dubbed Lollywood.
Link to multimedia feature (Flash).

While you're at it, check out Bollycat. Apul explains: "Watching Bollywood films can often strike you with a maddening case of deja vu. You think you've seen the movie before, but you just can't identify the what, when and where of your suspicion. Enter Bollycat, a new web site created by a team of students at SUNY Rockland, which aims to link Bollywood films to their Hollywood 'inspirations.'"