Chopsticks safety: you are NOT the walrus! Goo goo g'jooob!

Xopl says, "I went out to eat Sushi at Fujiya the other day in uptown Minneapolis, and I was very disappointed when the chopsticks carried with them a message forbidding my usual behaviour: I almost always stick the chopsticks in my nose or create walrus tusks. Not with these chopsticks apparently."
Link to post with additional chopsticks safety warnings.

BB reader Aaron adds,

I grew up in Minneapolis and ate at Fuji-Ya quite regularly. They’ve gone through a few chopstick wrapper iterations over the past few years. When I first started going there the chopsticks had little pictograms showing how to use their chopsticks to pick up hot dogs, steaks, donuts, whole smiling fish, or entire chickens.

After I moved to Seattle two years ago I was pleased to discover the quality of sushi here was quite a bit higher, but sadly I have never found a Japanese restaurant with the same sense of humor.