HOWTO de-Xeni BoingBoing

Jason Gill says,
Someone has posted a script for GreaseMonkey (a Firefox extension that lets you add your own Javascript code to any website, to remove ads or add features: Link) that automatically removes any post by Xeni when viewing BoingBoing."
Link. Of course, if you're not reading my posts you're gonna miss this one. D'oh!

Update: Jesse Andrews, the fellow who wrote this de-Xeni script, would appear to be busted. :-) Chad Hurley, who identifies himself as Mr. Andrews' employer, says:

Hi Xeni,

Just a note about Mr. Andrews and his "de-Xeni" plugin - We’ve caught him looking at far worse things than your "over the top" posts. Why he has picked you to filter, one may never know, but I have an idea for a plugin. Maybe I will add it to the Grease Monkey requests. It’s really simple. When Jesse opens Firefox, it directs Jesse to a folder on my server called, "Things Jesse needs to do today before the big hand is on 12 and the little hand is on 5"! Just an idea.

Keep on keepin' on,