Diving pig electrocuted

Big Red the diving pig was electrocuted when it dived into a pool of water that had a live wire connected to it by mistake.
The 4-month-old pig dove off a 4-foot-high diving board into a water tank, Randall said. Big Red sank to the tank's bottom after touching the ramp, he said.

Randall said the water was so charged with electricity that he couldn't get into the tank until all the power was off, which took a few minutes.

"I jumped in the water and gave the pig mouth-to-mouth," he said.

Velma Randall grabbed Sweet Georgia Brown, which had dived into the water at the same time as Big Red, and hauled it out by the ear before it touched the ramp, Virgil Randall said. He said his wife received a shock as she got the pig out.

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