Fox is advertising on Grokster, also suing to put Grokster out of business

Grokster goes to the Supreme Court next week, where the MPAA studios are suing the P2P company over producing a tool that can be used to infringe copyright, and nevermind that it has lots of non-infringing uses too. Ironically, Fox, a leading MPAA member, is actually advertising its movies on Grokster:
TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX FILM CORP., currently suing Grokster and Morpheus for alleged copyright violations enabled by their peer-to-peer technology, apparently advertises through software bundled with Grokster, according to adware researcher Eric Howes. Howes reported Thursday afternoon that he was served a full-screen trailer for the DVD of the 20th Century Fox movie "Fat Albert," after downloading all of the software bundled with Grokster--eight separate adware programs.
Link (Thanks, Molly!)