Excellent '70s space-porn-themed pinball machine

Found: one well-aged pinball machine featuring a supremely cheesy space porno theme. Jason Schultz says, "I ran across it on my recent trip to Hawaii in the living room of this alternative health spa steam bath place I stayed for a night. Worked and everything! "
Snapshot 1, Snapshot 2. Warning: includes nipples and rocket ships.

Update: BB reader rodney says:

Here is the entry from the Internet Pinball Database: Link. Lots more photos, plus scans of the original marketing flyer.
Joe Westlake adds,
Last weekend I went to a travelling pinball art exibition hosted by a collector. I was surprised to see that many of the boards are very sexual. I talked to a few people there, including my father-in-law who was a pinball wizard of sorts and was playing when all of these games came out (especially the Bally's machines). Of course the obvious reasoning for putting up such lude boards is to get adolescent males to play.

There is an alright page with alot of this artwork here: Link. Note especially the art of Paul Farris. On a sidenote, the older pinball machines had warnings that they are not to be played by minors. Also these 1950's boards had women in some pretty interesting outfits (like an off the shoulder shirt for a woman up to bat in a baseball game), kinda cool.

Scott Clevenger says:
Here's a link to the "rom" (had to click through an annoying ad) so you can play it on your pinball emulator. Finally, can't skip the ebay search: A Future Spa magnet.
Allen K. says:
The space porn pinball game reminded me of one of my favorites, Xenon. This game was one of the first to feature speech, and the first with female speech. "Enter Xenon!" "Try a tube shot!" "Oh!" "Oh!" "Oh!" Orgasm comes at multiball, of course. The picture to snag part of is this one, making sure to include the bare-breasted alien, the skintight spacesuits, and the infamous Tube Shot: Link.