Boring Boring: Awesome April Fools' parody of Boing Boing

Some anonymous geniuses whipped up this incredibly thorough parody of Boing Boing. I LOLed until my very eyeballs popped out. The detail is frightening (note the "Studious Girls" ads), as is the volume of witty, nuanced little references to actual crap we've blogged. To wit:

HOWTO: De-everybody Boring Boring
Jason Gill says, "Someone has posted a script for GreaseMonkey (a Firefox extension that lets you add your own Javascript code to any website, to remove ads or add features) that automatically removes every post when viewing Boring Boring." We wish we had thought of that.
At last, an alternative to Firefox!
Firefox Alternative Chris James sez, "I got so tired of all the updates, lame plug-ins and the W3C evangelism of the Mozilla crowd that I've been looking around for an alternative to Firefox for quite some time. Finally, I've settled on a great free app called Internet Explorer -- and it looks like I'm not alone. According to my site stats, Explorer is running neck and neck with Firefox for marketshare. It's about time somebody gave those thugs at the Mozilla Foundation some competition." Link
Link to "Boring Boring: A Directory of Dull Things." Link to mirror, and Link to another (Thanks for the mirror, Sean). It's a masterpiece. Thanks, smartass(es)!

Update: If you can't access either link, here's a partial screenshot: Link.