Cuitlacoche: corn fungus delicacy

A Boing Boing reader says: "Here's a taste test of the Cuitlacoche -- which comes from corn fields that have been infected with spores. The resulting Mexican "delicacy" is corn that's black, bulbous and frightening."
 Art Huitlacoche Full Can Branded In just a single serving, you'll experience a wide array of textures. Without getting too gross, it's because the disease is more advanced in some kernels than others. One bite might be kinda chewy, while the next might burst in your mouth like a black pus-filled blister.


UPDATE: Patricio López says: "Just one small correction to your last Boing Boing post, the name of the dish is huitlacoche not cuitlacoche." Wikipedia Link

UPDATE: David says: "Your Update/Correction to the Cuitlacoche/Huitlacoche is not right. Both spellings are accepted....just check out the pictures of the two cans shown in The Sneeze's post.

"Furthermore, even the wikipedia entry lists cuitlacoche as an alternate spelling."

UPDATE: David Gallardo says: "That's an unfair slur against Mexican cuisine! AFAIK, nobody eats huitlacoche whole & plain like that. It's actually quite delicious (and not at all disgusting) as part of a properly prepared dish, esp. when matched with chile poblano & fresh cheese or cream. My favorite recipes are a huitlacoche soup (sopa de huitlacoche) and crepes (crepas de huitlacoche). It's certainly no worse than Chinese cloud ears & such.

"Now, if you want to talk about disgusting Mexican food, this guy should look into some of the other pre-Columbian food that is still popular in south & southcentral Mexico, the stuff involving various grubs & insects..."

UPDATE: Steve from The Sneeze responds: "David, my apologies to Mexican cuisine. I usually love most of it, but as a straight ingredient I just didn't enjoy the flavor of the Huitlacoche. As far as properly prepared dishes go: the Goya can appears to have it simply wrapped in a tortilla, where I probably still wouldn't enjoy it.  Let's consider it my loss.  Now where can I find those grubs? :)"