Tian's car vandalized shortly after capturing crooked tow truck driver on camera

Blogger Tian discovered that someone smashed his car's windshield and punctured a tire a couple of days ago. This incident comes shortly after he took pictures of a tow truck driver damaging a car. He is offering the following cash rewards:
 Vehicledamage06 I, Tian, am offering the following cash reward for any useful and usable information regarding the person(s) responsible for the damage done to my vehicle:

$50 for the name of the person, home and business addresses, and telephone number(s).

$100 for the information above plus photograph(s) of the person(s) committing the criminal act.

$200 if the person(s) was then successfully prosecuted in the court of the law.

$500 for the identification of the person(s) and castration of their testicles OR cut off their right hand(s).