Google Maps, Reloaded: Animated Mozillas and Gnus attack Redmond

Boing Boing reader paolo says:
Yesterday BoingBoing reported the Google Map hack "Star Wars Imperial ATAT attack on Palo Alto". Today I created an *animated* hack: invaders move around the map! And this time invaders are mozillas and gnus converging towards Microsoft Offices in Redmond! ;-) Here is the animated map: Link. Be sure to check the HTML code (with the Javascript code that moves invaders around). In the blog post I also ponder that "It should be very easy to create real playable games on Google Maps. Here are some ideas: - playing Risk on the real world map (with the ability to zoom in/out to combat at different scales). Extend Jrisk or JavaRisk (code available on SourceForge). - playing FreeCiv on real world maps. Modify FreeCiv source code. - driving a car race on streets of the real world. - much more I guess.

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