Bootlegged DVDs at Comic-con

Variety's Ben Fritz reports that (shock, shock, horror) -- pirated wares were present at last week's annual nerd prom. Says Defamer, "[This] may lead the MPAA to commence a violent geek-purge at the convention. The streets of San Diego shall run green with spilled Vulcan blood!"

Snip from Variety:

Bootleg tapes and discs have a long history at comicbook and sci-fi conventions, where fans often look for copies of old cartoons and foreign productions that aren't sold legitimately in the U.S.

But mixed in with obscure titles at Comic-Con were numerous pirated movies that are or shortly will be available.

A scan of three booths selling bootleg discs at Comic-Con revealed titles including "Star Wars," "Star Trek: Voyager," "Veronica Mars" and the new "Battlestar Galactica."

Link (via Defamer, thanks Jeff Koganuts Koga!)

Image: One of many scanned sources of amusement available in the Crappy Boodleg DVD Covers photo pool. The tagline on this super-crappy bootleg of Blade (misspelled and crackerized as "Blake") is not the actual tagline of the movie. It's the beginning of a disclaimer from, which ends in "we may terminate your account."