Things to do in SF when you're dead: Zombie Flashmob today

Jake Appelbaum writes,

I received a message from the brain eating master today: "We're trying to create a self perpetuating Zombie Mob in the streets of San Francisco on Saturday (Saturday, July 30th). A seed group of zombies will start at St. Mary's square, and as we march up Market St. we'll attack Willing bystanders, converting them and giving them ingredients to make more zombies. We'll end up at Union Square, Eat tourists, then eventually hop a train to Colma for a Picnic in the Cemetary. There's a reception afterword at Launchpad with Blood Wrestling and Zombie Olympics, then Movies and Music. See to get involved."
Link (Thanks also, Scott Beale and Sean Bonner!)

UPDATE: The event is done, brains were eaten, photos were taken, and all the links you need are here

Avidd says:

I thought you might get a kick out of the videos from our mob last weekend- one is an attack on market street, and the other shows 50 of us invading the apple store!