Cow waste for power

Researchers from Ohio State University have shown that the fermented, liquefied feed extracted from a cow's stomach can produce about 600 millivolts. The juice comes from the rumen, the biggest portion of a cow's stomach. Unlike converting methane from cow shit into electricity, a method that requires expensive gear, this method generates electricity as the microorganisms in rumen fluid break down the complex carbohydrates in roughage. From a press release:
While rumen fluid itself won't be used as an energy source, some of the microorganisms found in the fluid are also found in cow dung, which may prove to be a good source for generating electricity. In fact, in a related experiment, the researchers used cow manure directly to create energy for a fuel cell...

This study represents the first time that scientists have used cellulose to help charge a fuel cell....

(The) output reached a consistent maximum of 0.58 volts. After about four days, the voltage fell to around 0.2 volts, at which time the researchers added fresh cellulose to bring the voltage back up to a higher level.

“While that's a very small amount of voltage, the results show that it is possible to create electricity from cow waste,” (bioengineerin Ann) Christy said.

UPDATE: BB reader Kevin Deganhart writes, "When I read this it reminded me of something that my farmer dad told me the other day. An ethanol plant is being built in Yuma Colorado that uses cow manure to fuel the plant's processes."Link