Great thinkers on communications

Forbes has an amazing collection of short interviews with great thinkers on the nature of communications -- perfect bite-sized nuggets of good, thought-provoking material.
Noam Chomsky On The Spontaneous Invention Of Language
Language abhors a vacuum. Also: On Why Kids Learn Languages Easily

Jane Goodall On Why Words Hurt
World's foremost expert on chimpanzees says language can make it harder to communicate. Also: On The Dangers Of E-Mail

Vint Cerf On How The Internet Changed Communication
Computer networking pioneer says the Internet is making our world a smaller place. Also: On Networking In Space

Kurt Vonnegut On Telling A Story
Legendary novelist warns that ink on paper is no way to communicate.

Desmond Morris On Symbolic Gestures
There's a lot of meaning in a raised finger. Also: On Close Encounters On Cross-Cultural Communication

Wil Wheaton On Blogging
An instant message conversation with one of the Internet's most popular bloggers.

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