Suncomm encourages people to break its DRM

Barry bought a CD by the band My Morning Jacket, only to discover that it was crippled with Suncomm DRM, apparently as a ploy by Sony to make keep its music from being played on iPods (which compete with Sony's own proprietary players). The band apparently loathes the DRM and wishes it wasn't there. When Barry wrote to Suncomm to complain, they sent him back an FAQ with instructions for breaking their DRM.
We at ATO Records are aware of the problems being experienced by certain fans due to the copy-protection of our distributor. Neither we nor our artists ever gave permission for the use of this technology, nor is it our distributor's opinion that they need our permission. Wherever it is our decision, we will forego use of copy-protection, just as we have in the past.
Link (Thanks, Barry!)