Long Now clock souvenir

Danny Hillis, Stewart Brand, and other members of the Long Now Foundation are designing a 65-foot-high mechanical clock designed to keep time for 10,000 years. (Previous Long Now posts here and here.) Now, the Levenger company is selling a souvenir 5.75-inch-high bronze replica of the clock's time cam. The sculpture is $500 and was created in a limited edition of 365. From an article about Brand on the Levenger site:
 Image Products Furniture Misc Furniture An0990E7 1505Stewart alternately refers to this clock as "an abiding charismatic artifact" and "a patience machine" that shifts our thinking "from prime time to primal time."

The 5¾-inch-high bronze replica of the clock's time cam that Levenger has created is a way for people to literally get their hands around the concept–to hold 10,000 years of time in their hand.

Just what will that future hold?

"By and large, all predictions are wrong," Stewart cautions. "I don't think we would much care for a world so rigidly ordered that predictions would regularly prove true."
Link (Thanks, Paul Saffo!)