How an illustrator draws a spot

 Bay Wheelchairsketch  Savage 2005 Savage 1209
I really like the work of illustrator, Robert Ullman, so it was fun to read how he goes about creating illustrations for Dan Savage's sex advice column, "Savage Love."
Finally, it's time to ink. I use a #2 brush for most of it, except the lines on the tie, and some of the components of the chair, for which I use a Pitt Artists pen. I find that my brush lines tend to be a bit wonky at times, going from thick to thin, and while that's great for figures, it looks kind of bad on non-organic objects like cars and, well, wheelchairs.

Speaking of wheelchairs, I'm pretty happy with how this one has turned out. It looks good, the perspective is correct, or at least, I've faked it in a believeable way. I struggle drawing vehicles of any kind, anything with wheels, so this a pretty satisfying result.