Pac Man re-enacted by humans at U. of Michigan

Boing Boing reader William says,
Two students at our school, the University of Michigan, dressed up as Pac-Man and the Ghost respectively, ran through the UGLi (the Undergraduate Library) and the Fishbowl (a huge computer lab on Central campus) during finals week. Pac-Man screams in horror as the Ghost chases him yelling "Waka Waka Waka." This video has spread like wildfire on our campus, and killed the original hosting site's bandwidth.
Link to *.mov

Reader comment: Will says,

Their idea is not an original one, and was probably derived from one a few months ago at Case Western Reserve. The event happened during a freshman chemistry (CHEM 111) lecture. Our version has instructions on how to create your own Pac-Man costumes, so spread the joy at your own university! Link
Reader comment: Steven says,
My friends and I dressed up as Pac-Man and all four ghosts this halloween, complete with reversible sides to turn our regular ghosts into scared ghosts. We don't have any movies of it, but you can read an account of it in this issue of the Telegraph (and there's some pictures, too). PDF Link
Reader comment: Lemming says,
If the Pac Man routine was meant to be a re-enactment, it isn't very accurate. Plus the videography is crappy.

Of course, in the real game, the "waka-waka" sounds only occur when Pac-Man eats the pills. The ghosts are silent.