"Chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia" spreads like frosting

Newspapers, magazines and broadcast networks around the world are chomping down on the "Lazy Sunday" meme as if it were delivered in a box from Magnolia Bakery.

But faithful Boing Boing readers know that the Lonely Island dudes' overnight success was a long, long night in the making -- we were fans of Jorma, Andy, and Akiva years before they got their big SNL break.

Of the many headlines they made this week, none is so delightful as this Babelfish-translated item from Der Spiegel:


Freshly baked Muffin RAP star could be abserviert therefore fast ice cold: "perhaps we stand there next Monday without ideas. And that is intimidating ", said Schaffer. "we can use each assistance."

Do you read German? I don't care. Please don't send a real translation. I just want to remember "Klick-Kult mit Gangsta-Rap" in unadulterated bot-grish.

And of the dozens of links to fan projects we've received, this one takes the (cup) cake: Boing Boing reader Nate says,

I was totally inspired by the SNL skit to produce a t-shirt for a developer I work with and so I want to send it out to anyone else who wants to upload it to cafe press or whatever.
Link to "DIY Chronic-WHAT-cles of Narnia t-shirt." Or whatever.
(Thanks, Micah!)

Reader comment: Graham says,

Someone put up some Lazy Sunday bobbleheads on eBay. It's even got a background thing-a-majig. Link