John Battelle on RSS and IM mashups

Boing Boing's general manager John Battelle has written a great post about an emerging use for IM that will make the mobile internet truly useful.
 Images Bb Bot So remember that prediction I made back in 2004, the one about mobile busting out in some kind of Web 2.0 way in 2005?


I think MakeBot is it. Or at least, what MakeBot points us toward is it. And the beauty is that a couple of code jockeys like Phil Torrone and his partner Sergio Zlobin can make it happen in a few days, using platforms (IM) and data structures (RSS) that already exist.

This all comes not from a major mobile company, or a hot new Internet startup, but from Make magazine, where Phil - who has been banging this drum for a long, long time - works. MakeBot points the way toward a possible end around the walled gardens of mobile carriers.

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