Truth is, you people want more horse sex.

A Seattle Times columnist bemoans the fact that the paper's top-read online story in 2005 was the one about the guy who died from intimate relations with a four-hooved member of the equine persuasion.
So we in the news business enter 2006 with one eye on the future and, whether we admit it or not, one eye fixed firmly on our Web stats. It could lead to some schizophrenia, like that old Saturday Night Live skit on subliminal news: "The state Legislature convened today in Olympia (horse sex), and Seattle officials (bestiality) requested funds for a new viaduct (perforated colon)."
Trigger, please! Link to Danny Westneat's editorial. We could use a traffic boost around here, too. Expect more horsebuggery posts on Boing Boing in 2006. (thanks, Rob)