Casemod made of copper pipe cage

ExtremeTech features an interview with Blake Betz, maker of Coppertop, the great casemod pictured here: shaped struts of copper pipe are formed into a computer-shaped cage with compontents joined to cross-spaces, the whole thing remaining open to the elements and visual inspection.
I decided on the PVC since I had already seen a few of the suitcase mods, but then while at Home Depot I saw the copper plumbing pipes and thought, that's what I need to build my case out of. The structure would be the same as that of my PVC idea, but copper would ground my motherboard whereas PVC case would not. Also, you can't beat that copper shine. Finally, building the case out of copper would be me that one last excuse for finally getting my cordless Dremel, and a butane blowtorch (which also does a very good job at lighting charcoal for cooking out).
Link (via Wonderland)