San Francisco: Charles Gatewood photography show

Photographer Charles Gatewood, documentarian of underground culture, will show forty years of his work in a retrospective opening tomorrow, Friday, February 3, at San Francisco's Center For Sex & Culture. (Previous post about Gatewood here.) The doors open at 8pm. This photograph of Polywog is part of Charles's "Tattoo Pin-Ups" series. From Charles's announcement of the show:
 Tat2Pinups Polywog I will show highlights from my career as "family photographer of America's erotic underground." The show will include 45 silver prints, several large silkscreen images, and recent collage work. Admission is free. There will be light refreshments, erotic readings and a ritual performance.
Link to Center for Sex & Culture, Link to Charles Gatewood's site (NSFW) (via Laughing Squid)