Ginger the Cartoon Bear's adventures inside the CIA

Ginger The Bear's Adventures Inside the CIA, From the Central Intelligence Agency's "CIA for Kids" website.
"Hi! My name is Ginger. That's short for Virginia, where my home is. All day long I sit on Marta's desk. Marta's my friend and she's an analyst at the CIA. This is a very important job because what she writes may be seen by the President and other important people in the government. What she does helps them make important decisions about our country. I'm very proud of her. I'm happy to keep her company while she does her important work. Sometimes, though, I wish I could see the rest of the Agency, all the places Marta talks about."
It's a good thing Ginger has no genitals, otherwise the placement of her hands would make all of this even more troubling. Take note of what happens when Ginger is caught without a security badge. Good thing she wasn't a terrorist cartoon bear! (Thanks, John H. and Matt Zehnder)

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Reader Comment: scott calonico says,

We took the "Ginger's CIA Adventure" and turned it into a Quicktime movie a couple of years ago. You can download a copy here.