PT Barnum's Pygmy Elephant for sale

PT Barnum's Pygmy Elephant taxidermy mount is for sale. This is something of a magical totem for curiosity collectors and cryptozoologists and it hopefully will go into good hands. Over at Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman has these details from the seller:
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This Elephant is in beautiful condition and dates from the mid 1800’s.

The mounted specimen stands approximately 5'3" tall, it’s approximately 7' in length and approximately 3' wide.

The elephant is located in Los Angeles, CA.

This is the information we were given when we acquired the specimen. It was once owned by PT Barnum, and it is said to be a pygmy elephant. We can not be certain if it is a baby or a true dwarf elephant.

It died of natural causes. After it’s death Barnum had it sent to Henry Ward of the Natural Science Museum in Rochester, NY where Henry prepared and mounted it for display. After Henry completed the taxidermy the elephant was returned to Barnum.