Starforce DRM firm wants you to pirate non-DRM games

A DRM company is encouraging the public to download infringing copies of a game from a company that rejected DRM. Starforce is the game DRM company that threatened to sue us for violating "approximately 11 international laws" by posting about how its software damaged some users' PCs. They posted the inducement on its forums, advising that "Right now, thousands of people are downloading the pirated version only from that web-site."
Apparently, such a model worries the makers of copy protection software. Starforce, makers of a product that has triggered much user wrath, went so far as to make a post on its own forums that contained a working URL where BitTorrent users could go to download illegal copies of Galactic Civilizations II (screenshot). This is the same company, after all, that threatens its critics with lawsuits, so such hardball tactics are not particularly surprising. If companies like Stardock can show the industry that good returns are possible without using draconian protection schemes, the protection makers may themselves soon be in need of protection.
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