Long-overdue unicorn chaser

Mark, my dear colleague, with all due respect: the earwax and hydrobooger colonics posts are totally icking me out. It's time for a unicorn chaser. This cute, stuffed objet d'art (115 x 30 x 95 cm; 2005) was stitched with lovin' by Chilean-born artist Patricia Waller, who now lives in Karlsruhe, Germany. The teddy bear is bleeding because he's happy. Link.

Waller's begenitaled aliens and space cowboy with a laser gun are also outtasight. And check out her crocheted computer games. The best part? Her entire online portfolio is 100% earwax-free. (Thanks, Jeff K!)

Reader comment: Anonymous says, "The last unicorn chaser reminded me of Perry Bible Fellowship's awesome unicorn revenge strip. 'Nice shirt, gay wad.' Link."