Comic with anti-abortion Senator's phone number on eBay

Last week, Cory posted a comic strip that my old friend Stephanie McMillan drew featuring the phone numbers of anti-abortion senator Bill Napoli. (Link to the comic.) Stephanie is now auctioning off the cartoon on eBay with the proceeds going to help keep abortion safe and legal in South Dakota. With five days left, the current bid is $600. From
 Images Askbilltoon
I will donate 100% of the winning bid, after I receive it, to two places, half of the amount going to each:

1) Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, and

2) Sacred Choices, the women's reproductive health clinic planned by Oglala Sioux Tribe President Cecilia Fire Thunder, to be built on sovereign tribal land at Pine Ridge, South Dakota, and which would not be subject to US law. Stephanie is also selling prints of the cartoon with most of the dough going to the clinics.
Link to eBay auction, Link to Stephanie's Minimum Security site