Samurai helmet with antlers on eBay

This handsome Samurai hat is currently up for auction on eBay. From the item description:
 Montes Items 497738 Picture4This Suji Kabuto features classic handcrafted 16 plate design. Each plate is capped by brass fukurin trim most likely added in the Edo period. The Hachi metal shows a great deal of age and has a beautiful multi layered tehen at the top. The patina on the metal is quite nice. The visor is also trimmed in fukurin. The 5 lame Shikoro is finished with a black lacquer and blue lacing. The liner is partially intact but can easily be replaced. The wakidate are very impressive with the use of Deer Antlers on either side of the Kabuto.
Link to eBay auction, Link to more information from Shogun Armory (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)