Photos from Epcot Center's construction

Kirby sez, "Von W. Johnson's Slide Show of images of Epcot while it was under construction in 1981-82. (The page title needs to be updated as it is now 25 years since the earliest of these images was taken!) Von was manufacturing scheduler for the China, Germany and Japan pavilions and took some fantastic shots of the park while it was being built. The second image is interesting as it is the standard view every visitor has from the parking lot, but of a partly built Spaceship Earth. The first 42 images are of Epcot under construction. The rest are from the MAPO offices (now known as Imagineering) (in Glendale CA, I presume) on Epcot Opening day."

I was there the month Epcot Center opened and man, was it in trouble. It seemed like nothing works. I got stuck at the top of Spaceship Earth (the giant golf-ball) for the better part of an hour (after waiting several hours to board) and eventually we were all led off via a backstage staircase.


(Thanks, Kirby!)