Worldmapper's cartograms

Worldmapper is a wonderfully eye-opening collection of "cartograms," maps that resize geographical regions based on different variables, from birth rates and population to disease to aircraft flights and imports/exports. Seen here, a map that depicts "Toys Exports." From the description:
 Worldmapper Images Largepng 57
More toys are exported (US$ net) from Eastern Asia than from any other region. The value of net exports depends on a combination of how much is exported, how much is imported, and the prices paid.

In terms of earnings from toy exports, there is considerable variation between Eastern Asian territories. Net exports earnings per preson from Hong Kong are more than 10 times greater than those from Taiwan, and almost 100 times greater than those from China.

Toys, including sports equipment, make up 1% of worldwide exports when measured in US dollars.
Link (Thanks, Paul Saffo!)