DeLay campaign cites Colbert bit as evidence of innocence

Tom DeLay is grasping at straws in his legal defense of his official corrution: his campaign cited a Stephen Colbert bit as evidence of his innocence. The segment is an interview with Robert "Outfoxed" Greenwald, whose latest film is called "The Big Buy: Tom DeLay’s Stolen Congress." DeLay's legal defense fund cited Colbert's interview in a fundraising letter, under the heading "Colbert Cracks Real Story on Motivations Behind the Movie." They're featuring the video on their website, too.

Of course, Stephen Colbert is a comedian whose brilliant schtick is to pretend to be the sort of neanderthal right-wing talk-show host who would apologize for Tom DeLay, something he became incredibly famous for after his blistering White House Press Corps dinner speech where he roasted the President (that speech is presently the top selling audiobook in the iTunes Music Store).

With the savvy displayed here, it seems a foregone conclusion that DeLay's defense isn't going to keep him out of jail. Link (Thanks, Mike and Doug!)