Accupressure outfits

The New York College of Health Professionals, a holistic health school, is launching a line of clothing that they claim enables the wearer to easily self-administer accupressure. Apparently, the wearer only need press on small seeds sewn into the clothing at specific points. The new clothing brand is called MyChi. From a press release:
"Imagine it’s the ninth inning, the score tied, you are one run up but bases are loaded with no outs. I wouldn’t want to be the pitcher," says Lisa Pamintuan, who years ago played at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open and is now President of New York College, the 25-year-old pioneering institution of Holistic Health ( "However, hopefully, our baseball cap will make situations like this a little easier. All athletes look for ways to enhance their performance, whether on the field or the tennis court. I wish I had worn this line of clothing when I was playing at Wimbledon as a 16-year-old. I would have been able to press the acupressure points in the clothing, like my sweatbands, and I would have been able to be either energized when I was tired, or relaxed when it was a tight match..."

"We are moving forward to the market, but our primary business is in offering undergraduate and graduate degree programs, not selling clothing. We are hoping that companies like Nike, Reebok, Champion, Russell, Adidas and other major sportswear companies will see the value of the College’s technologies," says Lisa Pamintuan.
Link (via Medgadget, thanks Jason Tester!)