MOG: social networking around music

Tomorrow, my friend David Hyman will launch MOG, a free social networking service that links people together based on the music they dig. The service's special ingredient is the Mog-O-Matic, a downloadable app (Mac and Windows) that keeps tabs on what you're listening to on your computer and populates your MOG page with the data. I asked David where the MOG idea came from and this is what he said:
Mog-1 My friends and i always turn each other on to music. i wanted to automate the process of sharing what was in our collections and what we are listening to without having to do the work of typing it in.

What would you rather have on your TiVo? Tivo Suggestions or see what all your friends watched? What Jon Stewart watched? What Charlie Rose watched?

Friends and people you admire are the ultimate trusted voices. If you ask anyone where they discovered music lately, more often then not, it's their friends. More than MTV. More than Clear Channel. More than Amazon recommendations. FRIENDS.
The MOG doors "officially" open tomorrow but it seems that a whole slew of folks, including BB pal Coop, are already hanging out there. Congrats, David!