Update: Textamerica won't kill old free accounts after all

Following up on earlier news that photo-blog service Textamerica planned to delete old, free accounts for longtime users who didn't want to be forcibly upgraded to a $99/year paid membership, BoingBoing reader (and former enthusiastic Textamerica user) Caines says,
Now on the log in page it reads like this:

- - - -
"We are pleased to announce: In light of recent changes and the outpour of positive support, textamerica will continue provide free memberships to users. In celebration of our existing users that have recently upgraded, all accounts upgraded on or before 7/15/06 will hold “Founding Memberships” with special VIP privileges not available to other users. We are currently finalizing stipulations to new & existing memberships, terms and conditions to be announced 7/8/06. In honor of your greatly appreciated enthusiasm and participation in helping to keep the community strong, the “lifetime membership” contest will continue until the new TA is finalized (contest.textamerica.com). Thank You."
- - - -

"In light of recent changes and the outpour of positive support" my ass. We're having a grand time at the exTAmerica Flickr group.