Update on HOPE speaker Rambam arrested by Feds at event

Following up on this earlier BoingBoing post, Brian Krebs at the WaPo's security blog reports that the FBI is charging Rambam (aka Rombom) with witness tampering and obstruction of justice. Snip:
The complaint, available here as a PDF, charges Rombom with obstruction of justice and with witness tampering, alleging that in April 2006 Rombom impersonated a federal investigator at the request of a client who had hired him to locate a government informant who was central to the client's money-laundering indictment in 2003.

Rombom is a licensed private investigator and founder of Pallorium Inc., which bills itself as the largest privately held online private investigation service in the United States. The government charges that Rombom unlawfully interfered with an ongoing case prosecutors filed against Albert Santoro, a former Brooklyn assistant district attorney who was indicted in Jan. 2003 with one count of money-laundering (prosecutors have accused Santoro of agreeing to launder $100,000 in cash for drug dealers and claiming he knew how to stymie money-laundering investigations); The complaint says Santoro hired Rombom to locate one of the government's confidential informants, whom Santoro has publicly accused of entrapment.

(...) Rombom appeared in U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York yesterday and was released on his own recognizance. He is scheduled to appear again on Aug. 7. The Washington Post print edition today carries a brief story that draws from this update and reporting from the last two blog posts.

Link to full text of post. And BoingBoing reader Jayzel reminds us that Rambam was "previously involved in a lawsuit against a prominent anti-spam blacklist hosting service."


  1. Just read your old post re Steven Rambam. FYI, the charges against him were almost immediately dropped. After it was revealed that the Vietnamese-speaking in-laws of “Joseph von Habsburg-Lothringen” — a criminal and a target of a Rambam investigation — were the sole “witnesses”, the federal prosecutor was removed from the case and the charges were dropped. Steven Rambam is still a very active Investigator. (See: http://www.pallorium.com.) In fact, I saw on 48 Hours that he recently caught a “Ten Most Wanted” fugitive. And he had the guts to stand up to a rogue prosecutor and protect his client. You should write about that. (Or at least set the record straight.)

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