Huge fish washed up in Oregon

This huge King-of-the-Salmon fish, nearly six feet long, washed up on the shore near Seaside, Oregon last weekend. These rarely-spotted fish, Trachipterus altivelis, usually are found at depths of 1600 feet. From
 Stimg July232006 Fish Ksalmon“He belongs to the family of Ribbonfish,” (Seaside Aquarium's Tiffany) Boothe said. “There are four other species of Ribbonfish along our coast, but the King-of-the-Salmon is the largest; growing up to and possibly exceeding six feet. This one measured almost exactly 6 feet. They can be found down as far as 1600 feet from Alaska to Baja and along the Coast of Chile.”

(Seaside Aquarium manager Keith) Chandler said this was the first time he’d ever seen this in his 27 years of marine science career. He said he did not know what conditions could’ve brought the creature up this far above its normal environment.

UPDATE: At Cryptomundo, Loren Coleman takes a brief cryptozoological look at this odd occurrence and posts two other impressive photos of the same species of fish. Link