MPAA's "MyMovieMuse" survey reveals interesting plot twists

MattyMatt says,

When the MPAA established a few weeks ago, they said it was a way for them to get feedback from audiences; to get (according to Variety) "consistent, focused consumer intelligence." The public would be able to take surveys "about all things related to the movies -- from theater attendance to homevideo rental and advertisements to piracy."

Well, guess what topic they want to talk about first?

Their very first survey launched today, and started with a few simple personality-questions -- what's your favorite movie, what's your favorite movie quote, etc. Then suddenly it switched gears and became an obvious push-poll. I took screengrabs of the loaded survey questions and put them at the above ImageShack URL. I thought BoingBoing might be interested.

Link. SPOILER ALERT: Then, on the final frame of the questionnaire, they hook you up to an e-meter and check your voltage for possible thetan activity.