Satan: a Biography


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  1. Auntyflo says:

    I have read allot of books on this subject so I feel I can donate some information to this great boingboing post… (keep up the great work guys!). In many definitions in books that I have read, traditional Satanism, orthodox satanism, and Theistic Satanism are normally all considered one thing and that they are all just classifed simply as the worship of the Devil. These other forms of satanism, and christian devil worship are based on christian literary myths and legends like this book outlined.

    According to this book and many others this is a false history created by the religious for propoganda throughout the centuries.…I thought I would add something in addition to Xeni’s original post. The French occultists in the 1890s called Stanislas de Guata are today being employed by some of the head occults who are prominent in the occult revival and they believe that the devil is not bad had has had bad PR. If we look at some of the occultists such as J.F.C Fuller who wrote “A true vision is to awaken a dream to judge the visions” I personally think that there is evil out there but we cannot draw any conclusion.. I look forward to reading this book. Thanks for posting the book… I will order from Amazon and add this to my collection. Take Care, Kay x

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