Walking cane with telescope

This amazing c.1920s walking cane with a built-in working telescope is up for auction on eBay. With a week left in the auction, the current bid is US$22.72 but the seller expects it to sell for US$1,000-$1,500. From the listing:
 Ebay Images 20060824-Stock9-Haupt This excellent system walking cane boasts an extendable spyglass as the handle that is made of brass. The handle is hand carved out of appealing dark red Mahogany in the shape of two folded hands that are actually holding the removable telescope. At the narrow end the lens cap of the spyglass can be unscrewed and it can be removed from the circular opening in the hands.

The telescope comes in working condition and the view is very good. The hand carving applied is of high quality and the bronze collar as well as two gilt copper collars at the upper end of the shaft, match the overall appealing look perfectly.
Link (Thanks, Michael-Anne Rauback!)

UPDATE: Chris Meadows writes, "You can get a more modern version of this sort of thing for substantially less." Link